Meet Mr. Monti Hallberg

Monti Hallberg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a Major in Math and Minors in Science and Coaching. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, and has completed Doctorate coursework in Educational Administration and Educational Leadership. He has served in the role of Superintendent for the past 17 years, 5 of which were here at AISJ and the rest of which were at a school in Wisconsin, USA. Earlier in his career, he served in many different roles, including Curriculum and Instruction, Finance, HR, Technology, Teaching, and Coaching. His experience spans the Globe and includes 18 years in the USA and 21 years at American International Schools. 

Monti and his wife Julie’s first overseas jobs were here at AISJ (formerly Parents Cooperative School and Saudia-SAIS), during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Julie taught Physical Education and Monti worked as a math teacher, athletics coach, and later, an administrator. All four of his children attended AISJ and three of the four are currently teaching in the Middle East; two at the American School of Dubai, and one at ARAMCO – Dhahran.

Monti’s vast experience and expertise are only outweighed by his passion. He is a true champion of the AISJ mission and he values and honors all community members. 

Amongst his greatest accomplishments were four Strategic Planning initiatives, one of which took place here at AISJ. He often states that upon arriving in Jeddah, he found a school in turmoil and the strategic plan brought with it a sense of calm and direction. His single greatest accomplishment, however, may very well be the new AISJ Campus and Staff Housing that will open for the 2018-19 school year. Monti played a primary role as the lead administrator of this project and put together an extraordinary team, in partnership with the Board of Trustees, who has worked hard to bring it to fruition. This project has been a dream for many years, through different administrations, and it is finally on the verge of becoming a reality. The state-of-the-art facilities and all the opportunities they afford will bring the school a giant leap closer to achieving its mission. Monti’s dream is to see AISJ reach new heights that will further distinguish it as a first-class American International School.