Current Campus Update

School started 6 weeks ago in our old campus, and although the campus felt somewhat empty, it is now full of life and school spirit is evident all around us.

Here's an overview of things we've accomplished in the past 6 weeks, and a look at what projects we are currently working on.

Past Six Weeks:

  • Added 3,000 books to the school library.
  • Added new furniture in the classroom.
  • Installed new water pumps in the current campus.
  • Had full Wi-Fi coverage on the first day of school.
  • Painted classrooms.
  • Volleyball, swimming, and soccer practices have begun.
  • Paid after-school activities started.
  • Added outdoor tables and seating areas for student use.

Upcoming Projects:

  • Install playground equipment.
  • Host HS Model United Nations event at AISJ in November.
  • Install bookshelves in classroom.
  • Install bulletin boards in classrooms and hallways.
  • Set-up digital learning spaces and labs.