Superintendent's Message

Welcome to the American International School of Jeddah!

At AISJ, we are committed to the mission of inspiring and facilitating learners through an authentic American education to nurture their passion for knowledge, so they may pursue their dreams and become successful global citizens. We believe in developing the intellect and character of each student so that they will be prepared, confident, and excited to enter the diverse, ever-changing world of tomorrow.

A significant source of strength for us is our community. As an independent, non-profit school, we rely on the support of this community to help us achieve our mission and vision. We are lucky to have a passionate, dedicated group of staff, students, parents, and friends who share the common purpose of seeking out the best for our children and their future. We believe in the development of the Whole Child and are committed to providing an environment in which this is not only possible, but also probable.

A few years ago, during a high-ranking government official’s visit to AISJ, he said to me ‘How do you get your students and staff to like school so much? They seem to enjoy being here and learning. Look at the smiles on their faces! I wish all schools enjoyed this positive spirit.’ I believe this statement captures the essence of AISJ. We embrace our core values of respect, honesty, helping others, diversity, passion and commitment, quality, and open communication and collaboration, and the result is an infectious air of positivity that flows throughout the school.

Founded in 1952, AISJ is now on the cusp of an exciting new chapter. For the past several years, we have been working towards the construction of a new, state-of-the-art campus and this project has finally come to fruition. We will be operating out of our new home for the 2018-19 school year. In line with our vision, our new campus will further distinguish us as a learning community committed to excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

I have never been more excited for the future than I am today as we stand on the eve of our new beginning. The possibilities that lie before us inspire me, and I hope you will join us on our journey of excellence, passion, learning, and fun.

Monti Hallberg

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