Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to AISJ

When does AISJ accept applications?

AISJ accepts applications year-round, however enrollment is based on the priority categories listed below, seat availability, and the student’s academic and assessment performance. Please note, we do not accept students wishing to enroll in Grade 12 as we require at least two years of study to qualify for our diploma.

Priority Levels

1. Applicants who have a sibling currently enrolled at AISJ, with a valid US passport.
2. Applicants with a valid US passport.
3. Applicants of any nationality who have a sibling currently enrolled at AISJ.
4. All other applicants.

Applicants applying to AISJ after the first semester from a school located on a southern hemisphere calendar (where the school year ends in November or December) can only apply for the same grade level they just completed.

Applicants applying after the first six weeks of school, must supply the Admissions Office with documentation showing the student was enrolled elsewhere during this time period.

What if the student previously attended AISJ?

Students who wish to return to AISJ must reapply and understand that all new student fees will still apply. For those returning students who have been gone for less than one year, the Registration Fee is waived.

If an applicant has dual citizenship, which passport must be used to apply to AISJ?

The applicant must use the passport that the Residence Permit (Iqama) has been issued under. All Saudi passport holders MUST apply using their Saudi passport and must obtain the Ministry of Education (MoE) approval letter to attend AISJ.

Tuition and Fees

What are the tuition and fees associated with enrollment?

Please visit Tuition and Fees.

When and how are the annual tuition and fees set for the following year?

Every year, the AISJ Board Finance Committee carefully considers the budget for the following year based on the current and projected enrollment, program and facility requirements, and faculty and staff needs. From January to March, the Board committee researches, drafts, and submits a proposed annual budget to the entire Board for approval, which is based upon specific tuition-generated revenues to cover the required expenses of the proposed budget. This process includes an extensive analysis of comparative international American schools, both in the NESA region and beyond. By March, the entire Board meets to consider carefully the proposed budget and fee proposals, and a decision is reached and shared with the AISJ community.

What is an Application Fee?

The Application Fee is required in order to create an online account, which allows you to complete the online application. It is a one-time, non-refundable processing fee. In order to begin the application process, please visit Apply Now.

What is a Capital Fee?

The Capital Fee is a non-refundable, one-time fee that is applied to each newly admitted student (including siblings), which is used to continuously meet campus maintenance and technology needs as well as capital projects and expenditures.

All new and re-enrolling students are required to pay this fee, as well as the Registration Fee and Seat Deposit, within two days of acceptance in order to obtain their seat guarantee. Students may not enter classes before payment of all fees, including tuition. Please note that this fee also applies to all re-enrolling students, regardless of the time they have been away from AISJ.

Why is the Capital Fee higher in the High School?

The Capital Fee increases in the High School because of the additional costs associated with facilities, science labs, larger spaces needed in facilities such as gymnasium, athletic fields, music rooms, buses for HS clubs and sports teams and technology required at the higher grade levels. The High School and AP Programs, for example, require that AISJ provide science labs with specialized equipment and technology that is not required at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

What is a Registration Fee?

The Registration Fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee applied to all newly enrolled students, with the exception of those students who are re-enrolling after being away for less than one year. This fee helps to cover costs related to entering and maintaining new student data into the school’s informational systems such as RenWeb, Destiny, and our ID card systems for students, parents and drivers, as well as the processing of withdrawals, graduation, transcripts and college counseling services.

What is an Assessment Fee?

In addition to an evaluation of an applicant’s student records, the Admissions office requires all applicants to take the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) online assessment as well as a personal interview. In Grades Pre-K3 through Grade 1, MAP is not used as we require a team of teachers, counselors, reading specialists, special education coordinators, and administrators to make personal observations and interviews.

An assessment fee is applied to all applicants who have been asked to come in for an assessment. The fee covers the costs associated with providing, grading, and interpreting the assessment by a team of at least five admissions committee personnel for each student.

What is a Seat Deposit?

The Seat Deposit fee represents the intention of coming back the following year with a down payment of tuition of 4,000 SAR due on or before February.  Information about the number of students either returning or enrolled for the next school year is very important information for the Admissions office. This information provides Admissions with seat availability and instructional needs for the next school year.

By having a seat deposit, we can better approximate which students will be enrolled in our school for the next school year. All seat deposits are credited towards the tuition for the following year and are fully-refundable anytime before May 15th.

A seat deposit for all students is required to reserve a seat for the following year.

Does AISJ offer a sibling discount?

Families with more than one child are eligible for a discount on Tuition Fees. This discount does not apply to any other fees. Please visit Tuition and Fees for more information on Tuition Discounts.

About AISJ

What are the school hours?

All students must be at the school by 7:45 AM in order to be in their respective classrooms and ready to start at 8 AM.

  Tuesdays only all other days
Pre-Kindergarten 8 AM - 1 PM 8 AM - 2 PM
Kindergarten 8 AM - 1:45 PM 8 AM - 2:45 PM
Grades 1 - 12 8 AM - 2 PM 8 AM - 3 PM

Does the school provide school bus transportation?

AISJ does not offer bus transportation. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their children. To ensure student safety, compound buses or private vehicles are only permitted to enter the campus parking area upon presentation of a valid AISJ identity card or vehicle sticker.

Are students required to wear school uniforms?

Yes. Please visit Uniform Information for more information.