Tuition and Fees

As a non-profit organization, the American International School of Jeddah (AISJ) is funded predominantly by tuition and fees. General tuition and fees ensure the continued quality of the school's programs. All funds are used to operate the school, provide the best education and resources reasonably possible, and to prepare for the school’s future needs. Tuition amounts include textbooks, classroom assessments/reporting, and PSAT assessments.

Tuition Table

Tuition is assessed on a full-year basis for students enrolling in the first semester. Tuition may be paid in two equal semester installments on the due dates listed below. Attendance of one week in a semester will make the student subject to pay a full semester tuition fee. For parents with 3 or more children attending AISJ, tuition payment can be made in four equal installments on the due dates listed below.

grade level  tuition (SAR) full tuition due tuition (SAR) 2-installment plan Tuition (SAR) 4-Installment plan (parents of 3 or more children only)
  Due 8/20/2018 due 8/20/18 due 1/20/19 due 8/20/18 due 10/20/18 due 1/20/19 due 3/20/19
Pre-K 3/4 38,668 19,334 19,334 9,667 9,667 9,667 9,667
Kindergarten 53,980 26,990 26,990 13,495 13,495 13,495 13,495
Grades 1-5 55,740 27,870 27,870 13,935 13,935 13,935 13,935
Grades 6-8 67,720 33,860 33,860 16,930 16,930 16,930 16,930
Grades 9-12 79,540 39,770 39,770 19,885 19,885 19,885 19,885

Tuition for Special Services

As part of AISJ enrollment criteria, the school may require certain students to receive special services as a condition of their enrollment. Depending on the severity of needs, these services may include Learning Support (LS), English Language Learning (ELL), and Speech Language Pathology (SLP). AISJ will provide these services as necessary, for an additional fee. AISJ accepts students with mild to moderate special needs. We are unable to accept and admit students with intensive or severe needs.

Extensive Service Level I 10,000
Mild/Moderate Service Level II 6,600

*In special circumstances when students require a one-to-one assistant, parents will pay the additional wage cost of the personnel required.

*LS/ELL/SLP fees are payable in advance by semester but refundable for any non-used quarter. Participation during any part of a quarter constitutes payment due for the entire quarter.

Tuition Payment Late Fees

Fee Applied SAR 1,000 SAR 5,000 Disenrolled when no agreed plan is in place with AISJ

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds will be issued for unattended semesters by any student. Attendance of one week or more in a semester will negate eligibility for any refund for that semester.

Tuition Discounts

Families with more than one child enrolled at AISJ will be eligible for the following discount on tuition. This discount does not apply to Special Service Fees, including English Language Learners, Learning Support, or AP Fees. The child in the highest grade level will be considered the first child.

First Child No Discount
Second Child 5% from own tuition
Third Child 10% from own tuition
Fourth Child and Above 15% from own tuition

Enrollment Fees for New Students

The following fees are assessed one time to all new students and are non-refundable. These one-time Enrollment Fees are not included in tuition. A new student is considered to be any child who is either new to AISJ, or is re-enrolling after not attending AISJ for a period of one year. 

The Capital Fee is assessed regardless of the time a student has been away from AISJ and is used for capital purchases or building projects. If, however, the re-enrolling student paid the capital fee in the previous three years, they would pay the difference between the old fee and the new fee. After three years absent from the school, the re-enrolling student will pay the entire Capital Fee.

Application Fee Application Submission Date 600
Assessment Fee Prior to Assessment/Interview 950
Registration Fee Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Date 10,850
Capital Fee (PreK - 8th) Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Date


Capital Fee (9th - 12th) Enrollment/Re-Enrollment Date 13,250

Seat Deposit

For each returning student, a SAR 4,000 seat deposit which will be applied towards the tuition will be due by February 13, 2020. Seat deposits are refundable at any time before May 31, 2020 by submitting withdrawal forms to the Admissions Office (School Registrar). Students who do not pay the seat deposit fee will not be guaranteed a seat for the following year and will have to reapply.  Seats with a seat deposit paid but with unpaid tuition will be held until the 3rd day of the following school year.  If arrival is planned after the due date of September 1, 2019, tuition payment should be paid no later than August 20, 2019 to avoid late fees or disenrollment.  A planned absence form must be submitted to the appropriate division office in advance in order to avoid disenrollment.

Other Student Fees

The following is a list of additional fees that are typically incurred throughout the year. Fees for lost or stolen textbooks/library books, SAT assessments, trips abroad and/or associated with sporting events, and school supplies are not included as their prices vary.

Fee Description amount (SAR)
Student Uniform (Shirt) Per shirt


AP Courses For HS Per course 600
Replacement ID Cards Per card 50
Music Instrument Rental Per instrument, per year 500
Proof of Enrollment Letters Per copy 25
Official Transcripts Per copy 25
Official Copy of HS Diploma Per Copy 100
Courier Services Per envelope 110
Online SAT Prep Course Per semester 375
School Supplies Per grade level from PK-8th Varies

In compliance with current regulations in KSA, tuition and fees are subject to the VAT Tax 5%
The Board of Trustees reserves the right to adjust all the above-mentioned tuition and fees.