2020 has been an unforgettable year. 

We went from traditional, face-to-face schooling to virtual learning overnight. While this has been challenging, our community has found strength in the shared purpose that unites us - the on-going commitment to excellence for our students. Although we have been physically distanced since March, we are together in spirit and it is more important than ever that we continue supporting each other. 

Many families have asked us how they can support the school during this unprecedented time. The most immediate and flexible way to support the school is by donating to the Better Together Fund, which allows us to distribute funds where they are most urgently needed. This fund provides us with everything we need to take our students’ experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Every gift to AISJ - regardless of size - makes an impact.

Although we cannot predict what the future holds, one thing is certain.
We are resilient. We are strong.
We are good apart.
But we are better together.