Why Give?

The best non-profit independent schools in the world depend on the continued generosity of their community and friends to fulfill their mission and vision. Your contributions allow us to offer distinctive learning and teaching opportunities, beyond what tuition alone can provide.

Through giving, you help AISJ fulfill its mission and vision, thereby supporting our students and investing in the future. Your participation helps us thrive.

AISJ provides many specific opportunities to make a difference through giving. Whether you are a strong proponent of the arts, a strict believer in academics, a learning support activist, an athletics enthusiast, an advocate of social responsibility, or a champion for disadvantaged children, we have a way for you to further your cause and make a difference.

Making a gift to AISJ is a way for you to declare that this school and its mission are important to you. It signifies a strong belief in our cause and motivates others to participate. It is a way for you to get involved in shaping the future.

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference.