Donor Appreciation

Thank you for supporting AISJ!

We are grateful for your contributions and take pride in our generous community and your commitment to our mission.

Every gift makes a difference.

We have many ways of showing our gratitude to those who have made a gift to AISJ.

Wall of Giving

The Wall of Giving prominently displays the names of contributors who have generously supported our mission through cumulative giving of 7,000 SAR to 500,000 SAR plus. It is located in the main reception area of our new campus and it is our way of recognizing and appreciating our most dedicated supporters.

The giving levels that are displayed are as follows:

500,000 SAR and above
Founder’s Circle
250,000 - 499,999 SAR
Blue & Red Society
100,000 - 249,999 SAR
Falcon Circle
30,000 - 99,999 SAR
Champions of AISJ
14,999 - 29,999 SAR
Partners of AISJ
7,000 - 14,999 SAR


Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are available for several venues within AISJ. 

Contributors are eligible for naming rights when they donate a pre-determined amount of funds, based on the named item/facility. The name ascribed to the particular venue is agreed upon by the contributor and AISJ, and may be one’s own name, the name of a loved one, in memory of a loved one, or something else.

We encourage supporters to consider naming rights in relation to personal passions/interests. A devout supporter of the Arts may wish to contribute funds in support of the program and have the auditorium named after himself. A person whose grandmother was a poet may choose to name the MS/HS library after her. The possibilities are endless.


Take Your Seat Nameplates

If a gift is made to the Take Your Seat initiative, then the contributor will receive a personalized nameplate on one or more of the AISJ theatre-style auditorium seats. Please see Take Your Seat for details.

Alumni Tree

Alumni giving holds a special place in the heart of AISJ. Our alumni are our legacy. You are our past and our future. You are the ones who have given and continue to give us life.

Every donation of 450+ SAR made by an alum, be it student or staff, having attended AISJ for 1 year or 12, will be represented by a leaf on our alumni tree. Each leaf will display the name of our alum supporter, unless there is a request for anonymity. A gift of 7000 SAR+ will be represented by a large named plaque on the alumni tree wall. 

Our alumni are appreciated and recognized through our regular methods and also through this special tree of life that we have allocated for them. The tree is displayed in our High School student area, right at the pulse of our community.

*Senior class gifts will also be recognized by a named leaf on the alumni tree. A gift of 7000 SAR+ will be recognized by a named plaque on the alumni tree wall. 


And More

At AISJ, we have many ways of showing our appreciation for our supporters. Some additional methods may include recognition in the donor honor roll, annual report, yearbook, and/or website, parking spot personalization, reserved seating for certain performances, invitations to certain AISJ events, invitations to the Board of Trustees Stewardship Dinner, and more.

*All requests for anonymity will be honored.



For questions or comments on giving or to make a gift, please contact Lexi Lee at or by calling +966 12 232 8668