Week Without Walls

The Week Without Walls program at AISJ is an integral part of the high school curriculum. The experiences we provide are enriching and educational, and they enable students to make a connection between the knowledge they acquire in school and the real world outside our walls. Students are given the opportunity to grow, to reinforce, or to develop a strong self-image through the achievement of meaningful work in service to others, an adventure, or new cultural understanding. Most of all, our Week Without Walls program proves that learning can indeed be fun. As a school community, we are reminded through our work and experiences on Week Without Walls of the value of relationships.  Relationships are forged between participants, between AISJ and other organizations or institutions, and between our students and people outside of our community. The friendship bonds and the memories students take away from Week Without Walls are in many cases life-changing.



Take a look at this student-made video, highlighting their Week Without Walls - Jeddah experience!