Middle & High School Library

The MS/HS library is a hub in the AISJ student, staff, and parent community. It is the intellectual heart of the school and plays a role in developing a community of passionate readers and life-long learning in an interconnected world. The library is a place to collaborate, discover, and critically seek information. 

Our library values and fosters a love of literature through a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Print resources are available in both English and Arabic. The library subscribes to an online magazine platform that carries current issues for a selection of periodicals in English, French, and Spanish. Patrons also have access to online scholarly databases to support student research. 

The library is managed by a librarian and two knowledgeable assistants who are enthusiastic about learning and aim to support students, their families, administration, faculty, and staff in their respective educational, research, and leisure pursuits. We welcome our patrons to peruse the collection at any time.

Randi Brown                                   Laura Jabri & Khalie Mahoney
Librarian                                          Library Assistants


Contact us at librarymhs@aisj.edu.sa