Our Curriculum

AISJ provides an authentic, standards-based American education based on the American Education Reaches Out (AERO) Common Core Plus standards, a widely used international set of rigorous standards.

At AISJ, we define curriculum as the knowledge, skills, and understandings that students are expected to learn. Our AISJ faculty works as a collaborative team to develop each content area curriculum by using organizational tools such as Rubicon Atlas. We follow a widely recognized curriculum design framework, Understanding by Design, to prioritize enduring understandings and transferable skills for students. In order to ensure a high-quality curriculum, AISJ has established a Curriculum Review process. We examine each subject area in depth once every 5 years to make sure that the curriculum is up-to-date and reflects our changing world.

Our Teachers

Our most valuable tool for helping your students learn and grow is our teachers. We support learning for teachers just as we support learning for your students - with collaboration and research-based methods. We provide time within the school calendar for teachers to learn and grow as professionals. We also financially support our teachers’ pursuing excellence in their fields through conferences, workshops, and degree programs.


We use many different assessments to ensure that students are mastering the learning set out in the curriculum. Some of the assessment tools that we use include:

  • Developmental Reading Assessment in Grades K-5
  • Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test in Grades 2-10
  • PSAT in Grade 11
  • SAT in Grades 11-12
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams on 16 different subjects in high school

We regularly review the data from these assessments to make sure that we are helping each student reach their learning goals.