At AISJ, we believe students need to be technologically fluent to be successful, creative, contributing global citizens. We believe that technology is not just a class for students, but rather, students are encouraged to work on class projects using technology. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to technology integration. Where appropriate, students can turn in projects by means of video, podcasts, or 3D graphical animation. Imagine taking a class to Egypt through a virtual tour and presenting to classmates at the Pyramids. Next, imagine using mathematics and a design app to create a scaled three-dimensional mockup of Giza. This is our vision for technology integration.

Elementary School Technology

Students Bring Their Own Device (BYOD)

AISJ has a bring your own device program (BYOD) for Grades 2 - 5 in the Elementary division. This program is unique because it allows students to bring their own device to class. Students are required to bring an iPad to class every day. Our objective is to teach students how to use these devices, not just for entertainment, but for lifelong learning. 

BYOD goals include:

  • Promote higher order thinking, creativity, and other 21st Century skills
  • Grow student engagement
  • Facilitate greater collaboration between teachers, students, and parents using Web 2.0 tools
  • Increase student access to technology/digital resources
  • Integrate technology seamlessly into curriculum
  • Promote project-based learning activities
  • Raise achievement levels in core content areas
  • Model good digital citizenship

iPad Carts

AISJ recognizes the fundamental need to provide equitable access to technology for all students and staff. Therefore, we expanded the iPad program that was run at Grades 2 - 5 to all remaining grade levels in the Elementary division. The lower elementary grade levels share two iPad carts with 25 iPads each. Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 share one iPad cart, and KG and 1st Grade classes share the other.


Middle School Technology

The Middle School is a 1:1 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Students are led by a continually trained staff on the latest in Technology Education (TechEd). The middle school follows a technology scope and sequence that stems from the ISTE standards. This scope and sequence was custom-designed by our technology team and our director of instruction and learning. Its purpose is to ensure our students are acquiring all of the most relevant and up-to-date technology skills so that they can be successful both now and in the future. Middle school students demonstrate responsibility by coming to class each day with a fully charged device. 

For the upcoming 2018-19 school year, here is an update from the MS team:

Dear Middle School Families,

The Middle School has requested in the past that students have an iPad, a protective cover, and a (recommended) keyboard attachment.

Out of respect for the current economic situation in the Kingdom, the Middle School would now like to assist our parent community by allowing parents to choose any type of Tablet or Laptop computer they prefer.

We are offering our parent community this greater flexibility for several reasons:

  • A financial relief for the parents as some laptops (Chromebooks) are less expensive than Apple iPads.

  • Freedom of choice for Middle School families as to what technology tool they would like their student to learn with.

In addition:

  • The new campus facilities allow for a better computer hosting experience (charging, space, etc.)

  • Additional keyboarding and computer skill development.

Common Questions:

  • Q: My student already has an iPad. Can they keep using it?

  • A: Yes, of course.

  • Q: How will a multi device classroom affect the instruction of teachers?

  • A: Teachers will still use Schoology as a primary learning platform that can be accessed by both laptop or iPad. There is ongoing technology training for teachers to use all devices.

  • Q: Can I change my device?

  • A: Students can bring a new / different device at any time

  • Q: When will this start?

  • A: The 2018-19 school year.

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to us as we would be happy to assist you during the coming year.

Thank you for the time and have a fun and safe summer break.


The MS Team

High School Technology

The role of technology in the High School is to promote the development of advanced lifelong skills that students will utilize both while attending AISJ and beyond. Our goal is to encourage students to find their niche regarding advanced skill development, as well as promoting post-secondary endeavors either by taking further computer science degrees or utilizing these skills in their field of choice.  We want students to learn that by using the technological tools available to them that they'll be able to pursue their dreams in a world that is technologically based. Ultimately, our students will leave AISJ armed with a digital toolkit that will allow them to find success regardless of which post-secondary institute or field of work they choose.