The research is clear: Arts education provides significant benefits for a child’s learning. According to a study out of Mississippi State University, a well-implemented arts program can increase standardized test scores of disadvantaged students. Yes, that’s right. The arts are good for you! Whether fine-tuning motor skills while painting, building communication skills with drama, or experiencing the thrilling teamwork needed to perform an orchestral or choral piece, AISJ students are exposed to a world of creativity, which will help them blossom into creative thinkers and productive citizens.

We are passionate about the benefits of an arts education, which is why each student has to take a prescribed number of Arts credits as a graduation requirement. Our department has rigorous and expansive offerings in music (band, orchestra, choir), theatre (performance & stagecraft), and art (including AP). The department organizes concerts, art exhibits, plays, and musicals, which takes the theory from the classrooms and puts it into practice. Travel opportunities are available in the various arts as our school networks with other schools and organizations in the Middle East and beyond to provide additional collaboration experiences.

Art, music, and drama are mediums which help us understand the world in which we live. These subjects break down cultural barriers through the commonality we all feel when we see a masterful painting, or hear a passionate piece of music, or experience a poignant moment of a play. We encourage all AISJ students to delve into the arts, to practice their critical thinking skills, to unleash their creativity, and to work with others on skills that truly make a difference in our lives.

Get ready to be inspired!

About the AISJ Arts Programs