We believe that participation in co-curricular activities contributes to the development of ideas and habits of good health, fair play, emotional control, social competence, positive moral values, and all aspects of self-discipline.

Participation in Athletics is offered to Middle School and High School students.

Athletic Seasons

There are three main seasons.


Volleyball & Academic Games


Soccer & Cross Country


Basketball, Badminton, & Softball


AISJ actively participates in three regional activity conferences:

  • Red Sea Activities Conference (RSAC), which includes most American and International schools in the western region of Saudi Arabia such as KAUST School, British International School of Jeddah, Yanbu International School and Jeddah Prep.
  • Saudi Arabian Intra Kingdom Activities Conference (SAIKAC), which includes about 11 American and International schools from Saudi Arabia including The ARAMCO schools, International Schools Group and the American International School Riyadh.
  • OASIS Activities Conference (OAC), which includes 8 international schools from 7 different countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.