Elementary School Counseling

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About the Counseling program

We support our students, staff, and parents through:

  • Second Step (Social Emotional / Bullying Prevention)
  • Individual counseling & small group counseling for students
  • Parent Meetings
  • Parent Workshops
  • Colleague Support
  • Behavior Management & Social Skills Support
  • ES Falcon Assemblies
  • Check-in / check-out with students to set / meet goals

My personal goal as a school counselor is to provide a warm and safe environment where each person can learn to love who they are and to facilitate the interpersonal skills and strategies needed for everyday life. We want our students at AISJ to know that we care about them and value their individuality.


Meet the ES Counseling Team

Ghinwa Masri: Elementary School Counselor

Yara Helweh: Elementary School Counselor Assistant