High School Counseling

High School Academic, Personal, and University Counseling

The high school counselors at AISJ are certified professionals who offer guidance and support the developmental needs of all high school students. AISJ counselors address a myriad of student concerns including academic, personal/social and career/university planning.

AISJ counselors assist students in their adjustment to high school, monitor students’ academic progress, and help them to have a successful high school experience. Counselors work individually with their students and support the pursuit of their dreams from 9th grade through their high school graduation and beyond.

Meet the High School Counselors

The AISJ Counselors are Kerry Mahoney and Dr Olena Jackson. Both counselors work with students in grades 9-12. Kerry supports the students with last names from A to F and Dr. Jackson supports the students with last names from G to Z.

University Visits

Dima El Ghalayini assists in the coordination of university visits. University representatives should contact our office at +966 12 232 8668 to schedule a visit to our campus.